Medium Unit

Unit volume (sqm) Height (m) Approx cost per month+ Approx hire 6mnths+ Insurance per month VAT
approx 6 sqm 2.5 £90* £540* £5** 20%

* Prices subject to negotiation depending on hire period
** Optional, covers up to £5,000 content value

Suitable for...

Suitable to store household contents, for storing furniture, larger general items, etc. These units can also be converted to suit the storage of business documents, etc

Aditional Details

Access: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday / 9am - 12.30pm Saturday
Security: secure mesh roof, UV light protected, own padlock required, Red Care Alarm system
Payment: rentals payable in calendar months and in advance. Direct Debit available
Long term discount: available depending on hire period, please contact us for more details

Images of Medium Self Storage Unit

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